Thank you for your interest in our brand! We truly appreciate your belief in Project: Lift or Die.

It is our goal to create a united, diverse team of brand representatives and ambassadors for Project: Lift or Die. This application includes a few questions + your social media handles (must be public profiles) to allow us to begin to get to know you before inviting you to join our team.

We are looking for those that have interacted with us, shown support to our company, create quality content, answer the application questions thoughtfully and people we believe share similar beliefs as us and will contribute to our team. It is our goal to expand our brand through those who believe in us. We want to create this program to benefit those that help us in this journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

There are a limited number of representative spots we will be filling. To be accepted you must:

  • Have a public Instagram account
  • Not currently represent any other fitness subscription box or supplement company, this is due to a conflict of interest. 
  • Be 18+ years old

Applications may not be open for much longer. 

If chosen you will receive an acceptance invitation via email, response times are severely delayed due to a large number of applicants. 


Brand Representative Application