Project Care package

We are excited to announce we partnered with two fellow Marine veteran owned companies, Raw Grip Chalk and Lithic Nutrition to introduce Project: Care Package. Starting this May we will begin sending out monthly Performance packages to deployed American troops around the world. This is one small step towards giving back to the military community that continues to protect the very Freedom we value every day. We will start with a few packages and as our companies grow we plan to increase our giving. Thank you to all our subscribers and supporters who have helped make this possible!

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About Us

Project: Lift or Die was founded by myself, Aaron Trudeau, in 2016. My wife and I run the company while both attending school full time. I am majoring in accounting and marketing and she is majoring in nutritional science. We are both passionate about giving the fullest experience we can offer each month! We connect with new companies and always strive to help lift up fellow veteran owned businesses.